Bocce’s Biscuit Bike: A Mobile Treat Cart for NYC Pups!

Help us launch a mobile treat cart for NYC pups.  

….a Biscuit Bike™!

On the Menu

With your help, the Biscuit Bike will be a mobile street vendor cart bringing freshly baked, all-natural, organic treats to pups as they are out and about in NYC Parks this summer. 

…Because nothing beats playtime & treats! 

Your pup will be able to enjoy yummy treats from Bocce’s Bakery!  …An all natural, organic dog biscuit bakery, baking up healthy treats in flavors like Beef Bourguinon, and PBnJ that doggies go crazy for.  

All biscuits are baked in small batches, right here in NYC, with only the freshest, mostly LOCAL, ingredients

We’ll also have plenty of water on hand.  Because keeping pups hydrated is very important, especially as they are romping around in the summer months.


At NYC Dog Runs of course! Including: Central Park, Washington Square Park, Union Square, & Battery Park.  You’ll be able to find the bikes exact location through Twitter. …yep just like a food truck, but a lot more bacon-y :-)

We need your help!

Your funding will go towards building a the actual BISCUIT BIKE mobile vending cart.  As much as Bocce likes our little delivery bike (and the basket he gets to ride in!) we need an upgrade.  A vending bike that will fit enough biscuits and water to keep pups belly’s full and keep all the goodies cool during the summer months.  The Biscuit Bike will come from Workman Cycle, based right here in NYC!  Did you know they designed the original Good Humor carts?  With your help, we’ll be riding the streets in no time!

Green Mentality

We will be using 100% compostable, kraft paper products made from recycled materials.

A portion of sales will go to the NYC Parks Dept.

Project location: Manhattan, NY

Funding Unsuccessful (05/13/2011)

The Forgotten Family Archives


I am attempting to create a one-of-a-kind archive installation of 16mm home movies from the mid 1900s.

More than five years ago I attended an auction where I obtained a few small reels of 16mm, silent black-and-white film. After looking at the frames, I realized they were home movies from around the 1930s. I was unsure what I wanted to do with this 16mm movie film at the time, and up till about a year ago these canisters of film were sitting on my bookshelf waiting. Last year I knew it was time to work with that film I had found many years ago, and being an artist I felt compelled to create a work of art centered on this seemingly insignificant film I had stumbled upon at a junkyard auction. After realizing I held the only pictorial/video representation of this family at that one moment in time, I ran with it.

My Vision

I envisioned a film, video, photography, and multimedia breakthrough, but I can’t do it without your help!

I would archive these one-of-a-kind reels of home movies that have been discarded by the family for one reason or another. My archive would be welcoming and completely interactive - truly allowing the viewer to search the “files”, juxtapose family to family, and experience the lives of families through this installation.

The archive would consist of only still images to represent these once moving works. Self-published books containing still images of my numerous reels of film, slides of each event and scene, and select frames from the events on each reel presented through a lightbox are only a few of the methods of presentation I would be exploring. There are countless ways to archive media; I will be practicing many of these typical practices while creating a few methods of my own.

Why I Need Your Help

My vision for this installation is an extravagant one and I really need the help and financial assistance from outside sources to complete this true breakthrough in media art. 

16mm black and white reels of film: $25-$40 each (I’m looking to archive a minimum of 100 families)

A one-of-a-kind single edition archive quality book: $50-$100 each (I will produce approximately 700 books)

Bookshelves: $300

Plexiglass for lightboxes: Approximately $500

Building materials for lightboxes: $300+This large feat will take at least a couple years to complete, so I am just asking for your help to get the archive in motion. Any help will be greatly appreciated, and DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE PERKS THAT COME WITH HELPING!

Other Ways You Can Help

One of the most powerful ways to help funding is by simply telling your friend. If you enjoy a project tell you friend, your co-workers, your family, and any organizations you’re apart of - and know you helped an artist finance a breakthrough work.

Thank you

This interactive archive installation will be such a large, extravagant, and groundbreaking piece I am thrilled to begin the work. All I need is your help!

Project location: Muncie, IN

Funding Unsuccessful (05/11/2011)

Man Mantis: “Cities Without Houses” Long-Playing Vinyl

Have you ever woken up and looked in the mirror to find that your face had transformed into that of a vicious, predatory insect?  Well, that’s what happened to me about a year ago.  Of all the things that changed for me that day, having my hearing apparati relocated to a slot in my thorax was the most difficult, because it affected the way I perceived music.  Unable to appreciate the songs I had loved since childhood, I began to create an album designed especially for my single, alien ear.  That album is called “Cities Without Houses.”

I am very proud of this music, and believe that if I can have it pressed to vinyl I may be able to sell enough copies to pay for an operation to have my hideous insect face returned to its prior, human condition.

If I can raise $3,000, it will be spent on 300 long-playing vinyl copies of “Cities Without Houses,” a run of cassette tapes, t-shirts, posters and ping pong balls for distribution exclusively to Kickstarter backers, and a fresh supply of the serum which is the only thing preventing my full and complete transformation into a giant, blood-sipping insectile monster.  You will not be charged anything unless the full $3,000 goal is met, and in the event that it is, only after May 11th when the campaign expires.  To help incentivize the backing of this project, I am offering a wide variety of Man Mantis products and services as rewards, including stickers, signed posters, one-star rated Man Mantis logo ping pong balls, hand-screened T-Shirts, and even the chance to have your portrait painted by the living proof of Mother Nature’s fickle cruelty.  And if for some twisted reason you believe that being a revolting man/insect hybrid is fashionable, and think it might fit your lifestyle, at the highest backer level I am offering you the opportunity to try it out by building you your very own Man Mantis face, just like mine.

The album can be heard at, and more information about myself and my struggle for simple humanity can be found at

Project location: Madison, WI

Funding Unsuccessful (05/11/2011)

BABY BABY needs a van so we can come see you!!!

Funny thing is, that’s not even our van. We were just borrowing it. BUT, as you may or may not know, this band is the only thing getting us through our lives right now. Without it, I think we would probably be working at a winn dixie or piggly wiggly. Maybe a pizza joint. Either way, this is what we do and we do it cause we love it. We’ve been travelin around in my tiny Mercury Sable this past year and its time for a change. We want to tour this summer and that aint gonna happen unless we got something to drive in… you digg? If you’ve ever got a CD for free, came to a show for free, listened to our music for free, we would REALLY appreciate a donation. If you’ve already bought a CD or a shirt or came to a show, then you’re off the hook. Get out of here! Just kidding…. we owe you. So we came up with some cool ways to repay you guyz. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY. if you don’t have a debit card or whatever, don’t worry bout it. Our CD Release is MAY 21ST at the Drunken Unicorn with parachute musical and machines are people too. Its $8, 18+ and you get a free CD if you buy a ticket : ) Please RSVP on the fabo page and invite your buddies, it would mean the world to us.

ALSO VERY VERY IMPORTANT. If we don’t reach $2000 dollas you get your money back. no kidding. so what do you have to lose??!?! think about it…

A)   $1-4 gets you an super duper fantastic thank you blurb on our BABY BABY facebook page (sorry, this is the best idea we could think of….)

B)   Get our exclusive acoustic EP via download to anyone that pledges $5. plus fancy mention too : )

C)   Pledge $10 and we’ll email you a link to the album FA FREE plus that acoustic diddy and the fabo hype.

D)   Pledge $20 or more and you get to be in our new music video!! FIRE blew up somehow so we’re hoping it’s the same with this one (incentive right?) Send us a picture of yourself and we’ll put it sublimely in the new music video…. Seriously. FAME. Plus a copy of MONEY.

E)   Pledge $35 AND you get everything before PLUS a shirt that says ‘BABY BABY LOVES (your name here). Cool yeah? Please message us your address and such so we know where to send it.

F)    Pledge $50 and we’ll put you on the guest list for any of our shows at least a couple times. You get the CD and Tezzy will write and record a song just for you. Just come up with an idea and he’ll garage band that bad boy and send it to you digitally :-)

G) Pledge $75 and you can come stay at the bandhouse for a couple days. We have a pull out sofa bed and you’ll get the full treatment, including Kyle’s famous french fries and Mt. Dew from Colin. Watch us practice and get drunk, maybe with us, if your of age! Includes autographed CD and other rad goodies.

H)   Pledge $100 and you can go on a date with any of us and we’ll pay. We won’t even ask for our money back! PS half the of band has girlfriends but we think they’ll let it slide on this one…I hope you laughed at this one. We’ll also somehow incorporate you into the next album.. how? I dunno. but we’ll make sure it is rad as all get out.

I) Pledge $250 and we’ll come play an exclusive acoustic set for you and your friends at a place of your choice (within reason), as well as the CD and other goodies of course.

J) Pledge $300 and we’ll play a full band set, with the songs of your choice for your party at a place you choose (within reason, ie 2-4 hours away)

K) Pledge $400 and our first line of legit T-shirts will be designed by you. Put your face on it, we don’t care!

L) Pledge $500 or more and you are the BABY BABY honorary 5th member. You will receive guest passes to our shows for life whenever you want them (this will be worth more when we play arenas!), and we’ll find an instrument or you to play and record on our next CD.

M) If you have an even wilder request just message us and we’ll see what we can work out!

Thank you for taking the time to look at this and watch our video. We truly love every single person that takes the time to listen, and we have the best fans in the world.

PLEASE NOTE: we are a party band and we can forget some stuff… please email if you donate so we can hook you up with all that stuff we mentioned. Also, here is a list of our upcoming shows on reverbnation : )

Yeah, I just need some closure, aint no turning back for me. I’m in it till it’s over - Drake

Project location: Atlanta, GA

Funding Unsuccessful (04/27/2011)

King of the Dead : Jesus Christ Saves Mankind (from zombies)

King of the Dead is a novel.  ”Based on” the Bible, it will use events and settings from the Bible to tell the story of Jesus and the Apostles….fighting a mindless horde of zombies.  

The higher concept is to expose the audience to some of the lesser known (and less “warm and fuzzy”) parts of the Bible to raise questions for discussion about Christianity.  Many conversations between atheists and believers tend to shy away from the actual content of the Bible.  How can you debate the substance of a book you know nothing about?  

Also, the Bible is a great setting for a zombie story.  No chainsaws.  No shotguns.  What would Jesus do to a zombie?  King of the Dead will show you the light.

Imagine if you could learn everything from Sunday school (and more!) by watching “Shaun of the Dead” or “Army of Darkness”.  Can an atheist enjoy a book with Jesus as the hero?  Definitely yes!

Where will your donations go?  The book will be self-published.  Strange as it seems, some publishers aren’t interested in zombies and Jesus.   ALSO…for every book given as a reward, a second book will also be donated to a public library.  

In addition to publishing, an artist will be hired to create a truly awesome cover.  Any book about Jesus deserves an artist who will provide artwork so amazing, so breathtaking, that your face will melt.  In the good way.

Not everyone is going to want to learn about some of the stuff in the Bible.  But, it’s one of those books, like Moby Dick or War and Peace, that most of us claim to have read, but really haven’t.  

And, for those of you familiar with the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies project, this is quite different.  It’s not just a joke, it’s a serious exploration of Christianity, in a horror/humor context.

Please check the rewards on the right to see what you’ll be given at different donation levels.  Remember Proverbs 3:27 — “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it.”  

Follow events on Twitter:!/jckingofthedead

or the World Wide Web:

or Facebook:

Project location: Stateline, NV

Funding Unsuccessful (04/26/2011)